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The coaching process

The coaching processOnce you've made contact, I will:

  • explain how coaching could work in your situation and the potential benefits.
  • outline my style of coaching and my values (see My Beliefs and Values).
  • agree a mix of coaching sessions - face-to-face, telephone, email support.
  • develop a timeline appropriate to achieve your coaching needs, typically over 3-4 months, but this can be shorter or longer depending on your agenda and urgency.
  • clarify the payment based on your selection and mix of coaching sessions (see Coaching Options and Fees).

Once the basic 'contract' has been agreed, I will send you some helpful documents to get you started and to clarify your needs.

We can then plan our first coaching session at a time and place convenient to us both.

The coaching process

  • At our first session, we will get to know each other and ensure that we're compatible to work together, explain my role and how confidentiality will be protected, and begin to define your needs in more detail.
  • Begin coaching to get momentum going.
  • Map out future coaching sessions and support.

The coaching process

  • We continue our coaching sessions, as agreed, in pursuit of your goals.
  • During this time, you may need to undertake additional learning and personal development in support of your goals. If you are already embarked on a study programme, we will extract the maximum amount of learning from this resource and apply it to your situation, as applicable.
  • We will jointly monitor progress through the use of a Development Plan/learning log and identify any obstacles to success. As your coach, I need to regularly assess what's best for your progress and intervene as needed, with your permission.
  • I will regularly seek feedback on how the coaching is going for you, and make changes as guided by you.

The coaching process

  • Towards the end of the series, we will review overall progress, successes and any steps still to be taken.
  • Sometimes, coaching clients wish to continue as other issues have arisen, so we can agree to extend the series and re-contract accordingly.
  • I will seek more formal feedback from you about my support in helping you achieve your key goals, and always leave my door open for future contact. I do hope that we can keep in touch, as several past coachees do.

The coaching process

For organisations providing coaching and funding for an employee, I use a similar process to the above, plus:

  • Agree a 3 way contract to also meet the needs of the organisation and define confidentiality arrangements; hold a 3 way meeting with sponsors and employee if appropriate.
  • Agree payment and invoicing arrangements, location for coaching (off-site or on-site); whether additional learning resources or use of assessment tools are needed, such as Thomas International's PPA, GIA or 360 Degree Feedback. I can provide interpretation and feedback for MBTI, DISC, FIRO B, Learning Styles, Team Effectiveness, and Belbin Team Roles at a reasonable additional cost.
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