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Coaching Culture and leadership

Posted by Peter Welch on 12 April 2016 | 9 Comments


Coaching Culture and Leadership

Many organisations aspire to build a coaching culture in which each manager shares experiences and insights with their direct reports.

Especially in organisations overhauling performance management approaches, coaching is the preferred way to boost performance, effectiveness and personal satisfaction at work. Organisations that have achieved this lofty goal report increases in both contribution/productivity and satisfaction.

And yet, the coaching conundrum is alive and well. While most managers say they love to coach and see the benefits of coaching others and while direct reports value their managers coaching, coaching remains an underutilised approach.  Recent research on coaching provides valuable insights to help address this gap; for example, it points to the strong correlation between a manager receiving coaching from their manager and their commitment to, in turn, coach their own team members.

If you wish to stimulate your coaching culture, or to get managers to adopt a coaching style of leading, or simply get more value from the coaching that’s happening already – do contact me for an informal discussion, to see if I can help.

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