Peter WelchCoaching, Mentoring, and Coaching Supervision to help you (and your organisation) perform better

What I provide in a snapshot

Coaching: I work with executives, professionals, managers and teams to enhance their performance

Coach supervision: I provide 1-1 and group coach supervision, to support you or your colleagues

Team coaching: small group sessions structured to enable real communication and ideas to flow, within your organisation


Launch of SuperVisionNow! A new service to access coaching supervision when you need it, for as long as you need it - NOW!

How I can quickly help you find what you need

For organisations: help you to enhance your coaching culture and to develop your leaders, managers, internal coaches and the talent pool

For learning providers: work with an experienced and recognised, accredited coach to add value and resource to a contract or tender

For individuals: help you find an experienced, qualified and friendly coach who will help you be successful and create realistic solutions 

For coaches: select an experienced/accredited supervisor to provide supportive space to explore client issues, ideas and personal development

  • Latest newsLATEST: Team Coaching - a way forward (13/09/2016)
  • Team coaching is an increasingly prominent component of the people development strategies of organisations across the UK. More and more organisations are recognising that their challenges cannot be faced by focusing purely on individual performance - effective teamwork is essential for the delivery of change, high performance and collaboration. (Read more...)

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